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What is your interest rate per annum?

We have a 48% annually interest rate.

How long does it take to process and pay a loan?

We take a maximum of 24hrs provided that you have availed all the documents required.

What's the loan duration?

We currently offer, 36 month, 48 months and 60 month loans.

What's the maximum amount of loan that can be borrowed?

You can borrow up to ZMW 100 000

Which arm of the government regulates Spectrum credit?

We are governed by the Companies Act

How soon can I get the loan?

You will get your loan within 24 hours once you have met all the requirements.

How are you going to pay me?

We send via DDACC/RTGS to your bank account.

Is interest on a reducing balance?

This is dependent on the product one takes.

Do you offset loans from other institutions?

Yes we do.

What is unique about Spectrum credit? Why should I choose Spectrum Credit over other lenders?

Our turnaround time is unmatched

Customer experience is world class

We have a big distribution network

Transparency, we have no hidden charges

Can one clear their loan before maturity?

Yes, you can settle the loan at any given time.